Faded portrait of a young ladyDo some of
your family
look like this?
Would you
prefer they
like this?
Restored portrait

If you would, I may be able to help you. I specialise in the copying and restoration of old photographs by traditional photographic methods.

The example shown above was created by simple high contrast copying of the faded original using specialist film and processing techniques. As many copies as required can be reproduced from the copy negative and, within reason, to any desired size.

Also available is a large collection of historic photographs: The "Oldpics" Collection. If you are responsible for organising speakers for a club or organisation you may be interested in looking at the list of slide presentations which I also offer.

For further information and pricing please email me at: or write or telephone -
Chrispics PhotographyChris Shepheard
26 Weydon Hill Road

Telephone : 01252 710664