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I am able to provide illustrated presentations on a wide variety of subjects for audiences ranging from ten to 300 people. The most popular titles at present are "Farnham - a contrast in pictures", "Surrey at Work" and "Pillboxes".

Below are listed the slide presentations which are currently available to groups within a reasonable travelling distance of Farnham. Charges are largely based on the amount of travelling involved and, also, the sort of presentation that is required. It may be possible to present shows further afield so long as travelling and, if necessary, overnight accommodation expenses are fully met.

If your organisation is interested in any of these presentations please get in touch so that we may discuss the possibilities. Contact details are given at the top of this page.

"Alice Holt: a year in the forest" - The photographs, which were mainly taken between April 1978 and April 1979, show the changing forest scene through the seasons, both flora and fauna. There are also sections covering the Roman pottery industry of Alice Holt and the recent kiln reconstruction and firings, the work of the Research Centre at Alice Holt Lodge and the production aspects of the forest. (Duration approximately 1 hour 30 minutes)

"Iceland: land of ice and fire" - This was made during visits to Iceland in 1977 and 1980, and shows both the Icelandic way of life and the spectacular scenery and volcanic features of the country. Particular areas covered are in and around the capital of Reykjavik, in the north around Lake Myvatn with its fantastic lava formations and boiling mud pools, the volcanic eruption on the island of Heimaey in 1973, and of course some of the many spectacular geysers and glaciers. (Duration approximately 1 hour 30 minutes)

"Paris" - Taken during the glorious autumn of 1976, this presentation shows some of the lovely aspects of this beautiful city at their best. (Duration approximately 45 minutes)

"Belgium" - This mainly shows the capital, Brussels, and some of its spectacular sights such as the Atomium and the floral carpet in the Grand Place. Also included is the lovely old city of Brugge, Antwerp and the battlefield of Waterloo. (Duration approximately 1 hour)

"Scotland" - shows just a tiny proportion of the magnificent scenery of Scotland during August 1980. (Duration approximately 45 minutes)

"Normandy" - An autumn trip in 1974 aboard the QE2 is the subject of this presentation, places visited include Bayeux, Honfleur and the D-day beach at Arrowmanches. (Duration approximately 30 minutes)

"Hot-air Balloons" - A riot of colour during two January visits to the Icicle Balloon Meet at Marsh Benham, near Newbury. This show has a musical backing and no commentary. (Duration approximately 15 minutes)

"Day trip to Berlin" - A trip by USAF C-130 Hercules aircraft from Mildenhall during 1978 to mark the 30th anniversary of "Operation Vittles", the Berlin Airlift. The photographs follow, with maps, the aircraft's route across Europe, and then down the air corridors over East Germany to Tempelhof Airport and the divided city. We then visit Checkpoint Charlie and look over the infamous wall before returning home, and all in a day! (Duration approximately 30 minutes)

"Norway" - A coastal voyage in June 1973 from Bergen northwards through the Arctic Circle to the Lofoten Islands and on around the infamous North Cape to the Russian border. The ship sails where mountains sweep right down to the sea in the deep, narrow fiords of the land of the midnight sun. (Duration approximately 1 hour 30 minutes)

"General Slide Show" - As its name implies, a mixed bag of pictures from all over Britain and some abroad, the emphasis being on colour. (Duration approximately 1 hour)

"Zoo" - This is a collection of photographs of animals taken in zoos throughout the south of England. It is an attempt to show that the conditions under which they are kept are perhaps not all as black as they have recently been painted. (Duration approximately 1 hour 30 minutes)

"After Dinner Speech" - This show is specially designed as a short show of a generally light-hearted nature suitable for following a formal meal. It is composed of a wide variety of different subjects, the main criterion being that each should have an interesting story or anecdote attached to it. Individual photographs will be changed from time to time in order to keep the presentation topical. (Duration approximately 30 minutes)

"Crete - a taste of honey" - A holiday on the beautiful Greek island of Crete in 1984 forms the subject of this show. Among the places visited are palm ringed beaches, monasteries, a mountain plateau, a cave said to be the birthplace of Zeus and several Minoan sites including the world renowned Palace of Knossos, fabled home of the Minotaur. (Duration approximately 1 hour)

"Farnham - a contrast in pictures" - Based on a walking tour this presentation shows how the town has changed since the advent of photography through a mixture of recent colour slides and copies of old black and white photographs. The life of the town is shown from the earliest times with photographs of recent archaeological excavations, and the effects of world and national events such as wars and coronations right down to local carnivals. Amongst all this can be seen the ever changing townscape of buildings of which Farnham is justly proud. (Duration 1 hour to 1 hour 30 minutes)

"Surrey at Work in Old Photographs" - Produced in conjunction with the publication of the book of the same name, this slide presentation features the photographs from the book and can be tailored to suit the particular interests or geographical area of the group requesting it. The book was compiled from all areas of the county on behalf of the Surrey Industrial History Group, and features the working life of the county in all its aspects since the dawn of photography in the 1860s. Many long extinct local industries are featured as are others that continue to this day. The duration of the talk can be from half an hour upwards and includes anecdotes about the problems experienced during the compilation.

"Pillboxes" - A slide show telling the reasoning behind the erection of the country's last great defensive work during the Second World War and explaining the work of the Surrey Defences Survey in documenting all the surviving WW2 defence works in the county. Included are a number of humorous anecdotes of what was a very serious time for this country. Also covered are the Auxiliary Units, a little known organisation which would have been our last line of resistance had the country been invaded. (Duration approximately 1 hour)

"Miscellany" - A series of shorter talks dealing with a wide variety of subjects, many of an historical nature. Subjects include - "Palmerston's Folly": the story of Portsmouth's 19th. century defence works, "Charlestown": the world's smallest operating port near St. Austell in Cornwall, "Tempelhof Airport": Berlin's pre-war architectural masterpiece, "The Atomium": one of the world's strangest buildings in Brussels, "Horton Tower": one of Britain's many follies, this one in Dorset, "The Twin Churches of Ayot St. Lawrence": the strange tale of how this Hertfordshire village came to have two totally different places of worship, "Swanage - Old London by the Sea": the story of a local boy made good and how it affected his home town, "Tyneham": Dorset's 20th. century ghost town, "Somerset Industrial Archaeology": a taste of rural industry in this largely agricultural area. (Duration varies but is generally between 10 and 30 minutes each - ideal for combining into a larger show)

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