February 1945

by A. A. Shepheard

Chapter 1 : By Air to Cairo
Chapter 2 : By Train to Luxor, Aswan and back
Chapter 3 : Five Days in Cairo
Chapter 4 : Return from Cairo

Alec ShepheardFor most of those involved, the second world
war was a traumatic experience, parting them
from loved ones and sending them to the other
side of the globe.
The unknown must have seemed daunting, yet
it provided an unlikely opportunity to travel
and see places and countries which otherwise
would have been only dreams.
One such "traveller" was my father who found
himself posted to the headquarters of the Ninth
Army in the middle east. The Lebanon was an
ideal centre for exploring this cradle of civil-
isation and Alec Shepheard (left) was not one
to miss a chance like this.
Once the European war was over, leave
became possible. Armed with his trusty folding
roll film camera he set forth...
Chris Shepheard

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