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August 2004

Appointment of Additional Trustees

The Trust exists to preserve and protect buildings of historical, architectural or constructional interest in and around the town of Farnham. Over the years the Trust has restored a number of important buildings in the town, including Tanyard House and the Ashgate Gallery and is currently working on a major project at the Farnham Pottery in Wrecclesham. Restored buildings are returned to the community and used for a variety of purposes such as residential accommodation, social housing, craft workshops etc.

The Trust is a registered charity and a company limited by guarantee, having no share capital and is run on a voluntary basis. It operates partially with its own funds and partially with grants obtained from a wide range of other bodies. Apart from directly undertaking restoration projects, it provides grants and advice to organisations and individuals who are concerned with preserving and recording historical buildings.

The Trust is currently looking for applications from potential trustees to join the Council of Management, with skills that will complement those of the current Board. Experience in legal matters, building works, property management and fundraising would be particularly welcome. Trustees must be able to attend monthly meetings, usually held at 4pm on a Friday, and must be able to devote generally up to 10 hours a month to the Trust's activities.

Individuals having such experience and the time and interest to devote to the work of preserving old buildings are invited to submit their details to the Trust's secretary Mrs Sue Farrow, Dippenhall Gate, Dippenhall, Farnham, Surrey GU10 5DP (sfarrow@ashgatepublishing.com).

July 2000

Trust launches appeal to start pottery collection
Denise Todd with some of the first items to be donatedWhen restoration of the pottery site is completed, it is hoped to have a small on-site museum featuring some of the products produced here over the years.

An excellent start has been made to this collection with the donation of some traditional owl jugs and other pieces by a local resident. Trustee Denise Todd is seen here with these items

Now the trust has launched an appeal for further items or financial donations to facilitate their purchase at auction sales and the like. Many items produced here in the pottery's heyday were sold through shops such as Liberty's and Heals in London, so examples could be spread throughout the country.

Our aim is to raise £3,500 to purchase examples of the finest products which will eventually feature in the museum.

If you would like to help our appeal, please visit the appeal page for further details.

July 2000

Historic pottery to be scaled down

from the Surrey and Hants News July 11th. 2000

PHILIP Harris, the great-great-grandson of the founder of Farnham Pottery, 
Absalom Harris, has decided that owing to personal commitments and the demands 
of his professional career, that the pottery will be scaled back and not continued 
in its present form.

Mr. Harris,who sold the pottery buildings to the Farnham Building Preservation Trust in 1998, will now relinquish that part of the buildings he had leased back.

He said: "I am very sad that I shall not be continuing at the Farnham Pottery, but I shall be keeping the business of A Harris and Sons going in a low-key way for a year or two until the situation regarding my professional commitments has been clarified and I can devote more time to the business."

The business Absalom Harris began 128 years ago and which has, in its time, been a large employer in the area, will remain with Philip in a much smaller scale to allow him time to spend with his family and "doing the jobs which have gone unattended for the last two years".

Directors of the Farnham Trust were sorry that Philip had come to this decision but welcomed his intention to keep the historic business going.

According to Michael Blower, chairman of the trust, which bought the buildings two years ago, the presence of the Harris business was always going to be an integral part of the plans for the future.

Michael Blower said: "The Harris family have a great history in Farnham. They were famous for their pottery wares and we should also remember that they employed large numbers of people over the many years in production."

Sue Farrow, secretary of the trust and a keen supporter of the pottery restoration project, said: "Naturally we are saddened that Philip has made this decision and we would like to pay tribute to all the hard work he and his brother David have put into the business in recent years.

"However, by selling the pottery buildings to us they have, we hope, made it possible for many other potters to work here in the future, and this will keep alive the Harris tradition of producing excellent pottery."

Page last updated : 7 September 2004

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