Farnham Pottery : a survivor from the Victorian age

Take a Virtual Tour of the Pottery

The members of the Farnham Trust would like to be able to invite you come and look around the pottery site. However, due to the present state of the buildings and the imminent start of restoration works, this is not possible because of insurance, health and safety considerations.

But, through the camera's eye and cyberspace, come with us on a virtual tour. The photographs were all taken before restoration work got under way and show this Victorian gem very much as we found it when we took over the site.

Every new visitor is amazed, first of all by the external appearance but then again on entering the gloomy interior. As eyes become accustomed to the low light levels within you feel you are entering a time warp where nothing has changed since the pottery was established here over a century ago. Round every corner a new discovery awaits.

So to begin your tour just click on the arrow link below. As the tour is still under construction, the order may change as more photographs are added. This is an essentially visual experience so please allow time for the images to download fully before moving on.

We hope you enjoy your visit. Start tour

Colour photograph scanning courtesy Hibberd Photographic 8 South Street, Farnham, Surrey - 01252 715620

Page last updated : 8 September 1998

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