Surrey Defences Survey

List of known sites on map square TQ04 : as at 26/11/01

Explanation of Type Code Letters

First Letter : Plan

P = Polygonal (hexagonal, octagonal etc.)

R = Rectangular

D = Designed for site

S = Square

C = Circular

L = 'L' shaped (Section Post)

A/W = Alan-Williams steel turret

P/H = Pickett-Hamilton Fort

Martello = WW2 defences added

Second Letter : Material

C = Concrete

M = Mixture (brick/stone/breeze with concrete)

Third/Fourth Letter : Direction faced

to eight points of the compass.

All-round capability signified '36' to represent 360 degrees.

Other defences :

A/TB = Anti-tank Blocks

A/TC = Anti-tank Cylinders

A/TD = Anti-tank Ditch

A/TP = Anti-tank "Pimples"/Dragons Teeth

A/TR = Anti-tank Rails/girders to be inserted in road sockets

A/TW = Anti-tank Wall

A/TS = Anti-tank Scaffold

A/AP = Anti-airborne Poles (aircraft obstructions)

OP = Observation Post

A/F = Airfield Defence

L/H = Loopholes in walls or buildings

AUX = Auxiliary Unit 'Hideout'

DEL = Defence Electric Light (coastal searchlight)

F/F = Flame Fougasse

smb = spigot mortar base

atr = anti-tank rifle emplacement

m.g. = machine gun position

* = now demolished

MR6 FigTypeObservationsDateDem8 FigConstructionShapeOrientationGunportsOther featuresConditionIRIS No
TQ000475A/TRSlot on west side of A281 in wall of "Sea Horse" public house1st Jan 1999 00054758ConcreteBlock with chamfered face & slot for wooden 'home guard' barrier  Square concrete base was visible in road surface opp. block. Carries plaque about GHQ stop line.GoodSU/SIHG/CRS187
TQ000478CCSWNo sign1st Jan 1989         
TQ000480CCSWNo sign1st Jan 1989         
TQ001476A/TDExtended to SU999475 (qv)          
TQ001478CCSNow houses swimming pool filtration plant1st Jan 1999 00174784ConcreteCircularWSW (245)Five GoodSU/SIHG/CRS162
TQ003475CCS 1st Jan 1999 00324756ConcreteCircularS (175)FiveInternal blast wallGoodSU/SIHG/CRS163
TQ006473CCS May 1997 00624737ConcreteCircularS (188)FiveSteps down to entrance, internal blast wallGoodSU/SIHG/CRS164
TQ007473CCS May 1997 00784732ConcreteCircularSSW (192)FiveSteps down to entrance, internal blast wallGoodSU/SIHG/CRS165
TQ010474CCSNo access to interiorJun 1997 01064742ConcreteCircularS (175)5 GoodSU/SIHG/CRS166
TQ012474CCSA/T box, covers bridge over water obstacle5th Jan 1999 01214745ConcreteCircularS (190)Long slit aperture for large gun, one m.g. port. A/T gun mountingLarge rear entrance for gun (~6' wide x 4' high)Sound but damp with much chemical damage & some crackingSU/SIHG/CRS167
TQ013475CCSE Jun 1997 01374750ConcreteCircularSE (137)7Internal blast wallGoodSU/SIHG/CRS168
TQ014475CCSCovers water obstacle5th Jan 1999 01454750ConcreteCircularSSW (160)7 standard rifle/LMG, 2 in flat rear wall with doorFlattened at rear entrance, interior blast wallGoodSU/SIHG/CRS169
TQ017474CCSCommands water obstacle5th Jan 1999 01704740ConcreteCircularSSW (198)5 standard rifle/LMGSunken entrance reached by remains of flight of steps, internal blast wallFair, some chemical damage, floods easilySU/SIHG/CRS170
TQ020475CCE Jun 1997 02034752ConcreteCircularE (100)SevenInternal blast wallGoodSU/SIHG/CRS171
TQ022477CCSInterior not inspected23rd Feb 1989 02244776ConcreteCircularSEFive Good 
TQ024475A/TRSlotted block for barrier on west side of road3rd Dec 1998 02454753ConcreteWedge shaped block with slot for road barrier  Behind stone wall which is slotted to allow barrier to crossGood, but heavily overgrownSU/SIHG/CRS190
TQ024475DMSA/T gun aperture in wall of "Kingfisher Cottage", now glazed3rd Dec 1998 02474757Concrete port in brick wallRectangular opening splayed to direct fire toward bridgeSOneProbably a farm building in which gun platform was installedThen turned into a glazed window, all evidence removed by 12/98SU/SIHG/CRS189
TQ025477CCSSited on small feature, totally exposed3rd Dec 1998 02524773ConcreteCircularS (160)7 standard rifle/LMG, 2 in rear wallDoor & 2 L/H in flat rear wallVery goodSU/SIHG/CRS172
TQ027477CCNWCovered by undergrowth3rd Dec 1998 02714771ConcreteCircularNW (335)FiveInt. blast wall & lean-to blast wall prot. ent. on S sideGood but completely covered by undergrowthSU/SIHG/CRS173
TQ028476CCSStands on river cliff3rd Dec 1998 02824760ConcreteCircularSSW (215)5 standard rifle/LMGInternal blast wallGood but roof covered with grass & heavily overgrownSU/SIHG/CRS174
TQ029477CCS 28th Aug 1998 02984773ConcreteCircularSSW (198)5 standard rifle/LMGInternal blast wallExcellent, once used as farm storeSU/SIHG/CRS175
TQ032477PMEBeing built into double garage28th Aug 1998 03204776Brick faced concrete, concrete roof, proj. concrete baseIrregular hexagonESE (105)3 plus one each side of entrance (main asymmetrical iron lined)Brick blast wall carries no. '32B'Fair, some brick removed and new doorway cut during conversionSU/SIHG/CRS176
TQ032477PMEDamaged at entrance, used as store by "Longfrey Cottage"17th Jun 1989 03224776Brick faced concreteIrregular hexagonESEFive asymmetrical iron linedBlast wall now removedFair, wall dam. at entrance, one loophole conv. to coal shute 
TQ032483PMSEPossibly for Boyes A/T rifle1st Jul 1992 03244833Brick & concreteHexagonalSE6 standard rifle/LMG, 2 pos. for Boyes A/T rifleDoor sealed, roof slab inset into brick shell covered with renderFair, some deteriorationSU/SIHG/CRS177
TQ032483PME 16th Aug 1998 03294838Brick faced concreteIrregular hexagonE (77)7, 2 covering entrance, all standard rifle/LMGInternal blast wallFair, wall cracking on S, entrance blocked with breeze blocks, some bricks missingSU/SIHG/CRS178
TQ033476A/TROne block south side28th Aug 1998 03304765ConcreteWedge shaped block with slot for barrier  Height 5'6"; width (bottom) 8' (top) 3'6"; thickness 4'GoodSU/SIHG/CRS180
TQ033476CC-Demolished remains only28th Aug 1998*03304766ConcreteProbably circular???Ruined, visible as heap of concrete slabsSU/SIHG/CRS179
TQ033479PMS May 1997  Brick shuttered concreteIrregular hexagonS (165)7Internal blast wallGoodSU/SIHG/CRS181
TQ035479PMSDeteriorating (built of ex-Chilworth gunpowder works bricks?)8th Dec 1998 03564796Brick faced concrete, concrete roofIrregular hexagonS (192)5 metal lined asymmetrical loopholes plus two covering ent.Internal brick blast wallFair but bricks deteriorating and falling outSU/SIHG/CRS182
TQ035480CC- 1st Jan 1989         
TQ036484PMEVery bad condition, all openings sealed29th Jun 1998 03684840Brick faced concreteIrregular hexagonESE (105)7, 2 covering entrance, all standard rifle/LMGInternal blast wallVery bad, overgrown & brickwork falling away, all openings sealedSU/SIHG/CRS184
TQ036485PMNEDetails of roof construction shown by fallen cladding29th Jun 1998 03664858Brick faced concreteApprox. hexagonalNE (47)5 plus one on S side of entrance, all rifle/LMGInternal blast wallGood but liable to tree damage on E corner, some loopholes blockedSU/SIHG/CRS183
TQ039479A/TRPartially demolished slotted block8th Dec 1998*03904790ConcreteStandard block for rail road block   Half demolished, only recognizable by comparison with othersSU/SIHG/CRS191
TQ041484PMS 4th Jun 1998 04184844Brick faced concrete, concrete roofApprox. hexagonalS (170Four, all Bren/LMGInternal blast wallGood, but overgrown with ivySU/SIHG/CRS185
TQ042482PMSEHeavily overgrown, all apertures bricked up4th Jun 1998 04224821Brick faced concreteApprox. hexagonalSE (147)5 plus one each side of entrance, all standard rifle/LMGCannot see insidePoor, all loopholes and entrance bricked up, heavily overgrownSU/SIHG/CRS186
TQ042482SMEUnusual A/T box4th Jun 1998 04224823Brick faced concrete, concrete exposed on frontSquare, truncated corners & chamfered roof at cornersESE (105)Wide aperture (8'3"x9"), loopholes on N & S facesCannot see inside, stands on projecting concrete baseExcellent, all gunports & entrance blocked, covered in ivySU/SIHG/CRS192
TQ044483PMS 5th Mar 1989 04484835Brick faced concrete, concrete roofApprox. hexagonalSSWFiveInternal brick blast wallExcellent - used as hideout (tramp?) 
TQ045483PMSWWell hidden by ancient trees4th Jun 1998 04504835Brick shuttered concreteIrregular hexagonSW (208)5Internal blast wallExcellentSU/SIHG/CRS193
TQ045489A/TD ?Possible anti-tank ditch linking sunken lane to woodland17th Jul 1998 04574895Ditch 1.7m deep and bank 2.1m deep, whole 7m across   Possibly part of larger complex hidden by scrub SU/SIHG/CRS194
TQ046485PMS 4th Jun 1998 04634857Brick faced concrete, concrete roofApprox. hexagonalS (190)Five plus one on W side of entrance, standard rifle/LMGInternal brick blast wallExcellent, int. features immaculate - GOOD FOR SURVEYSU/SIHG/CRS195
TQ046488DM-Converted from limekiln now totally buried13th Mar 1989*04634883Brick & cement filled sandbagsIrregular, built atop buried kiln?Limekiln arch bricked up to leave rect. gunportBrick & sandbags formed prot. ent. on top of kilnCompletely buried due to infilling of chalkpit (19.3.77 - fair) 
TQ047489PMSE 4th Jun 1998 04784891Brick faced concrete, concrete roofApprox. hexagonalSE (125)5 standard rifle/LMGInternal blast wall, prot. wall at ent. partly demolishedFair, entrance & all loopholes bricked up (few bricks fallen out)SU/SIHG/CRS196
TQ050480PMSNo sign1st Jan 1989         
TQ053488A/TP x11 +North side of A25 road across mouth of disused quarry18th Aug 1998 05354885ConcreteCones with truncated tops  Also one A/TC plus possible remains of anotherSome overturned, all used to stop tipping in quarry nowSU/SIHG/CRS197
TQ054487A/TP x4 1st Jan 1989         
TQ054487A/TB x2Laying off road1st Jan 1989         
TQ058488PMS 26th Jun 1998 05834885Brick shuttered concreteIrregular hexagonS (190)6Internal blast wallFair (access difficult)SU/SIHG/CRS198
TQ061487PMSW/smbAdjacent to spigot mortar platform14th Jun 1998 06134676Brick shuttered concreteIrregular hexagonSW (210)5 lmgInternal blast wallGood, some vandal damageSU/SIHG/CRS199
TQ064488PMSW 24th Jul 1998  Brick shuttered concreteIrregular hexagonSW (217)5Internal blast wallGoodSU/SIHG/CRS200
TQ067487PMSWType 2423rd Nov 1998 06744877Brick shuttered concreteIrregular hexagonSW (240)4 lmgInternal blast wallSlight brick weatheringSU/SIHG/CRS201
TQ068484PMSE 24th Jul 1998 06804845Brick shuttered concreteIrregular hexagonSE (150)6 (5 lmg; 1 rifle covering doorway)Protective wall at entranceGoodSU/SIHG/CRS202
TQ070485PMSE 30th Nov 1998 07064850Brick shuttered concreteIrregular hexagonSE (160)4Internal blast wallSoundSU/SIHG/CRS203
TQ072485PMSHeavily overgrown30th Nov 1998 07234851Brick shuttered concreteIrregular hexagonS (165)4Internal blast wallModerate brick weatheringSU/SIHG/CRS206
TQ072490PMSWA/TR nearby24th Jul 1998 07204909Brick shuttered concreteIrregular hexagonSW (230)7 (5 lmg; 2 rifle covering entrance)Internal blast wallBrick weathering and some ivy coverSU/SIHG/CRS204
TQ072491A/TRBlock on NW side, other block foundation only24th Jul 1998  ConcreteSlotted block with sloped rear face  Carries OS benchmark on side and is close to pillboxPerfectSU/SIHG/CRS205
TQ074486PMS 2nd Sep 1998 07494860Brick shuttered concreteIrregular hexagonS (203)5 (4 lmg; 1 rifle covering entrance)Internal blast wallHeavy weatheringSU/SIHG/CRS207
TQ076485PMS May 1997 07644855Brick shuttered concreteIrregular hexagonS (175)5Internal blast wallGoodSU/SIHG/CRS208
TQ078486PMSWType 242nd Sep 1998 07874862Brick shuttered concreteIrregular hexagonSW (220)4 lmgInternal blast wall, entry by vertical shaftNear perfectSU/SIHG/CRS209
TQ081486PMSW May 1997  Brick shuttered concreteIrregular hexagonSW (215)5Internal blast wallGoodSU/SIHG/CRS210
TQ082486PMSEType 242nd Sep 1998 08294861Brick shuttered concreteIrregular hexagonSE (137)6 (5 lmg; 1 rifle covering entrance)Internal blast wallBad brick weatheringSU/SIHG/CRS211
TQ086488PMSE May 1997 08604884Brick shuttered concreteIrregular hexagonSE (142)4Internal blast wallFairSU/SIHG/CRS212
TQ087487PMS 2nd Sep 1998 08724876Brick shuttered concreteIrregular hexagonS (178)5 ? (overgrown)Internal blast wallFairSU/SIHG/CRS213
TQ087490m.g. ?Possible entrenchment25th Aug 1998 08774905Circular depression in ground with raised margins to S & W     SU/SIHG/CRS214
TQ088487PMSW May 1997 08884874Brick shuttered concreteIrregular hexagonSW (202)5Internal blast wallFairSU/SIHG/CRS215
TQ094486DMSPartially buried in slumped ground30th Nov 1998 09404863Brick shuttered concreteFour faces show below slumped ground, one section at higher levelS (180)4 possibly more Partly buriedSU/SIHG/CRS216