Surrey Defences Survey

List of known sites on map square TQ14 : as at 26/11/01

Explanation of Type Code Letters

First Letter : Plan

P = Polygonal (hexagonal, octagonal etc.)

R = Rectangular

D = Designed for site

S = Square

C = Circular

L = 'L' shaped (Section Post)

A/W = Alan-Williams steel turret

P/H = Pickett-Hamilton Fort

Martello = WW2 defences added

Second Letter : Material

C = Concrete

M = Mixture (brick/stone/breeze with concrete)

Third/Fourth Letter : Direction faced

to eight points of the compass.

All-round capability signified '36' to represent 360 degrees.

Other defences :

A/TB = Anti-tank Blocks

A/TC = Anti-tank Cylinders

A/TD = Anti-tank Ditch

A/TP = Anti-tank "Pimples"/Dragons Teeth

A/TR = Anti-tank Rails/girders to be inserted in road sockets

A/TW = Anti-tank Wall

A/TS = Anti-tank Scaffold

A/AP = Anti-airborne Poles (aircraft obstructions)

OP = Observation Post

A/F = Airfield Defence

L/H = Loopholes in walls or buildings

AUX = Auxiliary Unit 'Hideout'

DEL = Defence Electric Light (coastal searchlight)

F/F = Flame Fougasse

smb = spigot mortar base

atr = anti-tank rifle emplacement

m.g. = machine gun position

* = now demolished

MR6 FigTypeObservationsDateDem8 FigConstructionShapeOrientationGunportsOther featuresConditionIRIS No
TQ103488PMS 18th May 1998 10354885Brick shuttered concreteIrregular hexagonS (200)7 (2 covering entrance) all stepped Severe weathering of brickworkSU/SIHG/CRS152
TQ105487PMS 17th May 1998 10504875Brick shuttered concreteIrregular hexagonS (188)6 (1 covering entrance) all stepped and steel faced Severe damage to upper brick coursesSU/SIHG/CRS153
TQ106489PMS Apr 1997  Brick shuttered concreteIrregular hexagonS (190)6Internal blast wallFairSU/SIHG/CRS140
TQ108488PMS.5" piping on roof corners17th May 1998 10804889Brick shuttered concrete, concrete roof with chamfered edgeIrregular hexagonS (185)Five, stepped with steel facesInternal blast wall, steps to doorGoodSU/SIHG/CRS141
TQ109488PMSUsed as living accom., now vacant17th May 1998 10944886Brick shuttered conc., conc. roofIrregular hexagonS (170)Seven, two covering door, all steel facedInt. blast wall, had door & glazed L/H, shelves, drainage, bedShuttering falling away in placesSU/SIHG/CRS142
TQ110487PMSNo front facing loophole, .5" pipe on roof corners15th May 1998 11024874Fletton brick shuttered concrete, conc. roof with chamfered edgeIrregular hexagonS (184)Four, none in front elevationInternal blast wall, steps to doorFair, some bricks falling away & spallingSU/SIHG/CRS143
TQ111488PMS Apr 1997  Brick shuttered concreteIrregular hexagonS (195)5Internal blast wallGoodSU/SIHG/CRS144
TQ112486PMSE 15th May 1998 11264868Brick shuttered concreteIrregular hexagonSE (140)5 all stepped with steel facingInternal blast wallGood, some brick weatheringSU/SIHG/CRS145
TQ113487PMSEOn bank in sunken lane, believed disguised as cafe15th May 1998 11384878Brick shuttered conc., conc. roof & L/H, int. blast wallIrregular hexagonSE (153)4 (lmg) not on E side, all stepped with steel facingChamfered roof edges, capped pipe on corners, ev. of wood disguiseGood, though some brick strippingSU/SIHG/CRS146
TQ114489PMSEType 2415th May 1998 11484892Brick shuttered conc., conc. roof & L/HIrregular hexagonSE (120)5 (lmg) (2 partly covered by soil creep) All with steel faced stepsInt. blast wall, capped pipes on corners, chamf. roof edgeFair, some weathering and slight brick lossSU/SIHG/CRS147
TQ116489PMSType 243rd Apr 1998 11644898Brick shuttered conc., conc. roof & l/hIrregular hexagonS (162)4 (lmg) not one on W face, all have steel faced stepsInt. blast wall, chamf. roof edges, capped pipes on cornersFair, some brick loss and weatheringSU/SIHG/CRS148
TQ118491PMSType 24, set back into slope3rd Apr 1998 11884912Brick shuttered conc., conc. roof & l/hIrregular hexagonS (170)3 (lmg) all steel faced and steppedInt. blast wall, chamf. roof edges, capped pipes in cornersVery goodSU/SIHG/CRS149
TQ119491PMSEVery tall pillbox, 6' 6" headroom inside3rd Apr 1998 11984916Brick shuttered conc., conc. roof & l/h (but see below)Irregular hexagonSE (153)5 (rifle) steel insetsInt. blast wall, pipes in roof cornersShuttering falling awaySU/SIHG/CRS150
TQ121493PMSEType 243rd Apr 1998 12134934Brick shuttered conc., conc. roof & l/hIrregular hexagonSE (135)6 (5 lmg + 1 rifle covering door) all with steel bafflesInt. blast wall, pipes in cornersOne third shuttering fallen away, rest poorSU/SIHG/CRS151
TQ121495DMEBuilt into steep bank3rd Apr 1998 12194955Brick shuttered conc., conc. roof & l/hIrregular hexagon, not full normal depthE (113)3 (lmg) with steel bafflesPipe on roof corners, support/blast pillar in centreBricks spoiling badlySU/SIHG/CRS154
TQ125495PMSType 246th Apr 1998 12564955Brick shuttered concrete, concrete roof, rendered L/HIrregular hexagonS (188)Four for rifles only, reinforced with metal stripsInternal blast wall, steps to entranceSome bricks fallen off and reinforcing rods revealedSU/SIHG/CRS155
TQ126494RangeSmall arms range probably dating from WW112th Jan 1993       Disused and beginning to collapse 
TQ127496PBSAnti-aircraft (light) position (?), no roof only brick11th Apr 1998*1274496814" brick walls only, concrete base, no roofIrregular hexagonS (156)?Set back from scarp faceCollapsed/demolished by 1.91SU/SIHG/CRS156
TQ128496PBSBelieved A/A type, brick wall only, no evidence by 3.9124th Mar 1991* Brick walls, no roof no base    No trace by 3.91 
TQ132499m.g.Possible slit trench20th Apr 1998 13224997Shallow earth depression (probably man-made) mounded to E SE (155)  Partly infilled by soil creepSU/SIHG/CRS157
TQ170450A/TB x4Site of blocks under railway bridge *17045017       
TQ192499PMSW Dec 1996 19284997Brick shuttered concreteIrregular hexagonSW (235)7Internal blast wallPoorSU/SIHG/CRS158
TQ193497PMSW Dec 1996 19314973Brick shuttered concreteIrregular hexagonSW (225)7Internal blast wallPoorSU/SIHG/CRS159
TQ197497PMS Dec 1996 19724975Brick shuttered concreteIrregular hexagonS (195)7Internal blast wallPoorSU/SIHG/CRS160
TQ198498PMSDuplicate reference?Oct 1990  Brick shuttered concreteIrregular hexagonS7 GoodSU/SIHG/CRS161