Surrey Defences Survey

List of known sites on map square TQ24 : as at 28/11/01

Explanation of Type Code Letters

First Letter : Plan

P = Polygonal (hexagonal, octagonal etc.)

R = Rectangular

D = Designed for site

S = Square

C = Circular

L = 'L' shaped (Section Post)

A/W = Alan-Williams steel turret

P/H = Pickett-Hamilton Fort

Martello = WW2 defences added

Second Letter : Material

C = Concrete

M = Mixture (brick/stone/breeze with concrete)

Third/Fourth Letter : Direction faced

to eight points of the compass.

All-round capability signified '36' to represent 360 degrees.

Other defences :

A/TB = Anti-tank Blocks

A/TC = Anti-tank Cylinders

A/TD = Anti-tank Ditch

A/TP = Anti-tank "Pimples"/Dragons Teeth

A/TR = Anti-tank Rails/girders to be inserted in road sockets

A/TW = Anti-tank Wall

A/TS = Anti-tank Scaffold

A/AP = Anti-airborne Poles (aircraft obstructions)

OP = Observation Post

A/F = Airfield Defence

L/H = Loopholes in walls or buildings

AUX = Auxiliary Unit 'Hideout'

DEL = Defence Electric Light (coastal searchlight)

F/F = Flame Fougasse

smb = spigot mortar base

atr = anti-tank rifle emplacement

m.g. = machine gun position

* = now demolished

MR6 FigTypeObservationsDateDem8 FigConstructionShapeOrientationGunportsOther featuresConditionIRIS No
TQ200497PMSWHeavily overgrownApr 1995 20024978Brick & concreteHexagonal2357Interior blast wallPoorSU/SIHG/CRS001
TQ201498PMSMostly demolished, in private gardenOct 1990*20134985Brick shuttered concrete ?Polygonal?? Mostly demolished only some brickwork upstandingSU/SIHG/CRS002
TQ205497PMSWBecoming overgrownApr 1995 20514973Brick and concreteHexagonal2357, square with metal framesInterior blast wall, vert. grooves under gunportsFair, somewhat overgrownSU/SIHG/CRS003
TQ206495PMSWIn Betchworth Park24th Oct 1995 20664959Brick shuttered concreteIrregular hexagon2357 (5 main l/h have grooves below them internally)Internal blast wall, low entrance, irregular concrete base ext.Fair, some bricks fallen off exposing conc. and reinforcementSU/SIHG/CRS004
TQ207495PMSWFaces across river Mole - in Betchworth ParkApr 1995 20784954Brick shuttered concreteIrregular hexagon2457 (5 main with grooves beneath)Internal blast wall, low entrance, irregular conc. base ext.Fair, brickwork falling off, entrance blockedSU/SIHG/CRS007
TQ208492PMSBetchworth Park24th Oct 1995 20854926Brick shuttered concreteIrregular hexagon1757 (5 main with grooves beneath)Internal blast wall, low entrance (step down)Good, some weathered brickworkSU/SIHG/CRS005
TQ208493PMSW Oct 1990  Brick shuttered concretePolygonalSW ?7  SU/SIHG/CRS006
TQ209492PMSEIn private parkland (Betchworth Park)24th Oct 1995 20904922Brick shuttered concreteIrregular hexagon1457 (5 main have grooves beneath)Internal blast wallFair, some bricks fallen offSU/SIHG/CRS008
TQ209495PMSBetchworth Park24th Oct 1995 20994959Brick shuttered concreteIrregular hexagon1857 (5 main have vertical grooves, but all smaller than others in BP)Internal blast wallFair, netting over door, shrub growth being encouragedSU/SIHG/CRS009
TQ210492PMSBetchworth Park24th Oct 1995 21084927Brick shuttered concreteIrregular hexagon1707 (5 main l/h have vertical grooves below shelf)Internal blast wallPoor, bricks crumbling and shrubs growing from wallsSU/SIHG/CRS010
TQ211493SMNIn private garden, covering bridge, adjacent to Betchworth Park24th Oct 1995 21134933Brick shuttered concreteSquare3553, port opp. door has horiz. circular mounting plate and boltsSuspect possible 6pdr. box, wide doorwayFair, some brick weathering and overgrownSU/SIHG/CRS011
TQ211496PMSDificult to approach due to dense vegetationApr 1995 21184968Brick & concreteHexagonal1707 rifle/lmgInternal blast wallFair, engulfed in vegetationSU/SIHG/CRS012
TQ212497PMNEOvergrown and largely hiddenApr 1995 21224972Brick & concreteHexagonal357 rifle/lmgInterior blast wallFair, muddy inside and heavily overgrown, brickwork deterioratingSU/SIHG/CRS013
TQ212498SMSWSteel door on ground (evidence of another box {dem.} at 21234981)17th Apr 1993 21244981Brick shuttered concreteSquareSW3 rifle/lmgNo internal blast wallIvy covered brickwork deterioratingSU/SIHG/CRS014
TQ212498PMS Apr 1995 21244981Brick shuttered concreteIrregular hexagon1857Internal blast wallPoorSU/SIHG/CRS096
TQ223487PMNIn edge of wood9th Jul 1994 22384872Brick shuttered concreteHexagonal3607 all small, 2 covering entranceInterior blast wallFair, foundations showingSU/SIHG/CRS015
TQ223491PMS 17th Apr 1993 22394913Brick shuttered concreteIrregular hexagonS7 rifle/lmg Brickwork deterioratingSU/SIHG/CRS016
TQ223494RMWMarked on 6 inch map9th Jul 1994 22354944Brick shuttered concreteRectangular2603 small2 slanting grooves below each gunport internally, no int. b/wPoor, badly weathered, steelwork showingSU/SIHG/CRS017
TQ224487PMSESurrounded by vegetation9th Jul 1994 22444878Brick shuttered concreteIrregular hexagon1507 all small, 2 covering doorInterior blast wallPoor, brickwork deterioratingSU/SIHG/CRS018
TQ224491PMSMarked on 6 inch map9th Jul 1994 22404910Brick shuttered concreteHexagonal2007 (2 covering entrance)Internal blast wallFair, some weathering and shrubs growing out of roofSU/SIHG/CRS019
TQ224492RMSWMarked on 6 inch map9th Jul 1994 22424926Brick shuttered concreteRectangular2203 small, one side one offset towards doorNo interior blast wall '553' painted inside doorwayFair, weathering badlySU/SIHG/CRS020
TQ225486A/TB x7Hidden by undergrowth, on site of old ford20th Jun 1992 22504865ConcreteApprox. 3' cube with shallow pyramidal top   All intact but covered in moss & vegetationSU/SIHG/CRS021
TQ226487PMSFlooding, ent. part blocked by earth & vegetation, on bank of R. Mole9th Jul 1994 22654875Brick shuttered concreteHexagonal1607 all small, 2 covering doorInterior blast wallFair, covered by vegetation, entrance partly blockedSU/SIHG/CRS022
TQ228487PMWOn edge of wood, liable to flooding9th Jul 1994 22834874Brick shuttered concreteIrregular hexagon2557 rifle/lmgInternal blast wallBrickwork deteriorating, liable to floodingSU/SIHG/CRS023
TQ229487PMS'749' painted inside doorway9th Jul 1994 22944876Brick shuttered concreteIrregular hexagon1607 rifle/lmgSome wood still in L/H, internal blast wallFair, brickwork deterioratingSU/SIHG/CRS024
TQ230486PMSELiable to flooding, mud on floor9th Jul 1994 23014862Brick and concreteIrregular hexagon1357 rifle/lmgInternal blast wall ('745A' painted inside doorway)Poor (brickwork deteriorating), liable to floodingSU/SIHG/CRS025
TQ230487PMSE'745' painted inside doorway9th Jul 1994 23054872Brick and concreteIrregular hexagon1557 rifle/lmg'745' painted inside doorway, internal blast wallFairly good, foundations showingSU/SIHG/CRS026
TQ230491PMWNot checked at close quartersJan 1995 23064917Brick shuttered concreteIrregular hexagon2707 ?Internal blast wall ?PoorSU/SIHG/CRS097
TQ233484PMS Jan 1995 23344849Brick shuttered concreteIrregular hexagon180 ?7'740A' painted inside door, internal blast wall ?FairSU/SIHG/CRS027
TQ234482SMSW 16th Oct 1994 23424829Brick and concreteSquare2203, 2 small, 1 large A/TWide doorway, circular metal mounting plate with boltsFairSU/SIHG/CRS029
TQ234482PMNW 1st Jun 1994 23494820Brick shuttered concreteIrregular hexagon3057Internal blast wall, pos. '736A' painted inside doorPoorSU/SIHG/CRS028
TQ234489PMSWPoor condition, almost obscured by vegetation26th May 1992 23424892Brick shuttered concreteHexagonalSWUncertain (covered by vegetation)Internal blast wallPoor, severe weathering, shrubs growing from cracks in roofSU/SIHG/CRS030
TQ235480PMSW 1st Jun 1994 23524800Brick shuttered concreteHexagonal2207 small (2 covering doorway)Internal blast wallFair, covered & surrounded by vegetation, interior free of rubbishSU/SIHG/CRS031
TQ235484SMW 1st Jun 1994 23574840Brick shuttered concreteSquare2705 Fair, some weathering & much vegetation coveringSU/SIHG/CRS032
TQ236476PMWNot checked at close quartersNov 1994 23644763Brick shuttered concretePolygonal2907 ?Internal blast wall ?FairSU/SIHG/CRS099
TQ236478PMSWNot checked at close quartersJan 1995 23604785Brick shuttered concreteIrregular hexagonSW7 ?Internal blast wall ?PoorSU/SIHG/CRS098
TQ238476PMSNot checked at close quartersNov 1994 23864762Brick shuttered concretePolygonal1857 ?Internal blast wall ?GoodSU/SIHG/CRS100
TQ239476PMWNot checked at close quartersNov 1994 23964762Brick shuttered concretePolygonal2857 ?Internal blast wall ?GoodSU/SIHG/CRS102
TQ239478PM?Not checked at close quartersNov 1994 23914788Brick shuttered concretePolygonal?7 ?Internal blast wall ?FairSU/SIHG/CRS101
TQ240478PMS ?Map data only - hidden by vegetationMay 1995 24004781?PolygonalS ???Totally obscured by vegetationSU/SIHG/CRS110
TQ241474PMSENot checked at close quartersJan 1995 24124746Brick shuttered concretePolygonal1257 ?Internal blast wall ?FairSU/SIHG/CRS103
TQ241476PMSNot checked at close quartersJan 1995 24174766Brick shuttered concretePolygonal1657 ?Internal blast wall ?GoodSU/SIHG/CRS104
TQ244474PMSNot checked at close quartersJan 1995 24464744Brick shuttered concretePolygonal1757 ?Internal blast wall ?FairSU/SIHG/CRS105
TQ244474PMWNot checked at close quartersJan 1995 24494741Brick shuttered concretePolygonal2607 ?Internal blast wall ?FairSU/SIHG/CRS106
TQ245470PMS 1st Jun 1994 24594705Brick shuttered concreteIrregular hexagon1607Internal blast wallGoodSU/SIHG/CRS033
TQ245471PMNW 1st Jun 1994 24564710Brick shuttered concreteIrregular hexagon3207Internal blast wallFairSU/SIHG/CRS034
TQ246477PMSWNot checked at close quartersJan 1995 24654774Brick shuttered concretePolygonal2157 ?Internal blast wall ?FairSU/SIHG/CRS107
TQ249469SMW'719' or '749' painted on interior wall1st Jun 1994 24984695Brick and concreteSquare2704, 3 with internal groovesOne of close pair, other faces S, 'S' hook found on floorGoodSU/SIHG/CRS035
TQ249469SMS'24' painted on interior brickwork20th Sep 1992 24994694Brick and concreteSquare, chamfered roof edges, flattened front corners1904, 3 with internal groovesOne of a very close pair, other faces WFairSU/SIHG/CRS036
TQ249472PMSWInterior blast wall & wooden fittings1st Jun 1994 24994727Brick and concreteHexagonal2157, 2 covering doorway, internal wooden fittingsTaller box than usual, 6' headroomFair, overgrownSU/SIHG/CRS037
TQ251473PMSInterior blast wall & wooden fittings under L/Hs1st Jun 1994 25154731Brick and concreteHexagonal1757, 2 covering door, traces of wooden fittingsInternal blast wall, 'S' hook found inside, '184' on blast wallFair, damaged (demolition attempt?) and weatheredSU/SIHG/CRS038
TQ253470SMSE'715' painted inside door frame1st Jun 1994 25324704Brick and concreteSquare1204, 3 with int. groovesGravel floorGoodSU/SIHG/CRS039
TQ253472PMS'187' on blast wall1st Jun 1994 25374729Brick and concreteIrregular hexagon1607 square, conc. frame (5 have vert. metal strips)Internal blast wall, '187' in black paintFairly good, some erosion of brickworkSU/SIHG/CRS040
TQ254468PMSTilted into River Mole, demolished mid/late 1990s1st Jun 1994*25454689Brick shuttered concreteIrregular hexagon2007Internal blast wallPoor, tilted at 10 angle on river bank, demolished mid/late 1990sSU/SIHG/CRS041
TQ255471SMSW 1st Jun 1994 25594715Brick and concreteSquare, front corners cut-off, roof edge chamfered2154 (one in each wall)2 grooves below each L/H internallyFairSU/SIHG/CRS042
TQ255474PMS'190' on internal blast wall1st Jun 1994 25514748Brick and concreteIrregular hexagon1707 square, conc. frame (5 have vert. metal strips)Internal blast wall, '190' in black paintPoor, some erosion of brickworkSU/SIHG/CRS043
TQ256470PMSE ?In dense woodland, inaccessible17th Sep 1992 25624705Brick and concretE ?Irregualr hexagon ?SE???Only just visible in dense woodlandSU/SIHG/CRS044
TQ256474PMSWIn dense wood1st Jun 1994 25624744Brick and concreteIrregular hexagon2207Internal blast wallFairSU/SIHG/CRS045
TQ258471SMSAnti-tank box, used by cows1st Jun 1994 25884713Brick & concreteSquare1803 : front opening approx. 3' square6' door opening, circular metal weapon mount with boltsPoor, concealed by trees & used by cows (mud on floor)SU/SIHG/CRS046
TQ258474PMSSited on a small hill1st Jun 1994 25864741Brick shuttered concreteIrregular hexagon1757Internal blast wallIn cultivated field, fairSU/SIHG/CRS047
TQ259471PMSWUsed as log store1st Jun 1994 25924712Brick & concretePolygonal2057Interior blast wall, grooves below loopholesPoor, bricks falling offSU/SIHG/CRS048
TQ260471PMS 1st Jun 1994 26014712Brick & concreteHexagonal1807Interior blast wallPoor, some bricks falling awaySU/SIHG/CRS049
TQ261470PMSW 1st Jun 1994 26184709Brick & concreteHexagonal2207Interior blast wallPoor, some brick facing missingSU/SIHG/CRS050
TQ261471PMSW 1st Jun 1994 26154714Brick & concreteHexagonal2357Interior blast wallPoor, some brick facing missingSU/SIHG/CRS051
TQ262459PMS 1st May 1994 26244599Brick shuttered concretePolygonal1957Interior blast wallPoorSU/SIHG/CRS052
TQ262464A/TB x3618 each side of River Mole18th Apr 1993 26254643ConcreteCubes 1m side    SU/SIHG/CRS054
TQ262469PMSEntrance bricked up, loopholes open1st Jun 1994 26284692Brick shuttered concreteIrregular hexagon1857 rifle/lmg, 2 covering doorInternal blast wallPoor and entrance bricked upSU/SIHG/CRS053
TQ263463PMSW 1st May 1994 26324637Brick shuttered concretePolygonal2157Interior blast wallFairSU/SIHG/CRS055
TQ263465PMSW 1st Jun 1994 26304659Brick shuttered concretePolygonal2307Interior blast wallPoorSU/SIHG/CRS056
TQ263466PMN 1st Jun 1994 26324667Brick shuttered concretePolygonal3457Interior blast wallPoorSU/SIHG/CRS057
TQ263470PMWSurrounded by vegetation1st Jun 1994 26314701Brick & concreteHexagonal2707Interior blast wallPoor, some brick facing missingSU/SIHG/CRS058
TQ263472PMSWIn corner of wood overlooking fields, '200' painted inside16th Oct 1994 26354720Brick shuttered concreteIrregular hexagon2057Internal blast wall, '200' painted facing doorwayPartly demolishedSU/SIHG/CRS088
TQ264455PMNW 1st May 1994 26434554Brick shuttered concretePolygonal3357Interior blast wallPoorSU/SIHG/CRS059
TQ264457PMNW 1st May 1994 26434577Brick shuttered concretePolygonal2957Interior blast wallPoorSU/SIHG/CRS060
TQ266459PM?Virtually inaccessible due to undergrowth1st May 1994 26694591Brick shuttered concretePolygonal???Very overgrownSU/SIHG/CRS061
TQ268454PMSW 1st May 1994 26834547Brick shuttered concretePolygonal2407Interior blast wallFairSU/SIHG/CRS062
TQ269454PMSE 1st May 1994 26964548Brick shuttered concretePolygonal1357Interior blast wallGoodSU/SIHG/CRS063
TQ271450PMSMuch brickwork demolished1st May 1994 27194506Brick shuttered concretePolygonal1607Interior blast wallPoor, much brickwork demolishedSU/SIHG/CRS064
TQ271454PMS 1st May 1994 27184547Brick shuttered concretePolygonal1657Interior blast wallFairSU/SIHG/CRS065
TQ271456PMSW 1st May 1994 27184566Brick shuttered concretePolygonal2007Interior blast wallFairSU/SIHG/CRS066
TQ272452PMNW 1st May 1994 27284522Brick shuttered concretePolygonal3257Interior blast wallPoorSU/SIHG/CRS067
TQ273451SMEA/T box, wide doorway, circular mounting plate and bolts1st May 1994 27364516Brick shuttered concreteSquare1003 : 1 large A/TWide doorway, circular mounting plate and boltsFairSU/SIHG/CRS068
TQ275451PMSW 1st May 1994 27504519Brick shuttered concretePolygonal2257Internal blast wallFairSU/SIHG/CRS069
TQ275454PMSNo internal blast wall1st May 1994 27594544Brick shuttered concretePolygonal1957 FairSU/SIHG/CRS070
TQ277452PMS 1st May 1994 27754527Brick shuttered concretePolygonal1857Internal blast wallFairSU/SIHG/CRS071
TQ278475A/TB x7No details29th May 1995        SU/SIHG/CRS111
TQ279452PMSW 1st May 1994 27904524Brick shuttered concretePolygonal2207Internal blast wallFairSU/SIHG/CRS072
TQ279473ARPARP post at junction of West Avenue & Horley Road, Salfords18th Nov 1992*27984732Concrete roof over grey brick wallsRectangularN/AN/ATelephone hatchEntrance and hatch blocked up (Demolished early 1995)SU/SIHG/CRS073
TQ285448PMSW 1st May 1994 28554482Brick shuttered concretePolygonal2157Internal blast wallPoorSU/SIHG/CRS074
TQ287452PMSECovered railway bridge4th Sep 1993 28734521Brick shuttered concreteHexagonalSSE7, 2 covering entranceInterior blast wallOvergrown, brickwork deterioratingSU/SIHG/CRS075
TQ287452PMS May 1995 28744521Brick shuttered concretePolygonal1807Internal blast wallFairSU/SIHG/CRS112
TQ287454PMS 1st May 1994 28744546Brick shuttered concreteHexagonal1957, 2 covering doorInternal blast wallFair, brickwork deterioratingSU/SIHG/CRS076
TQ288447PMSCovering railway line1st May 1994 28854474Brick shuttered concreteHexagonal1957, 2 covering doorInternal blast wallFairSU/SIHG/CRS077
TQ288449PMSWCovering railway line1st May 1994 28814494Brick shuttered concreteHexagonal2157, 2 covering doorInternal blast wallGood but very overgrownSU/SIHG/CRS078
TQ288452PMSE 1st Jun 1994 28844527Brick shuttered concreteHexagonal1157, 2 covering doorInterior blast wallGood, being used by locals for bonfires etc.SU/SIHG/CRS079
TQ290450PMSW 1st May 1994 29034502Brick shuttered concretePolygonal2057Internal blast wallFairSU/SIHG/CRS080
TQ291446PMS 1st May 1994 29194467Brick shuttered concreteHexagonal1757, 2 covering doorInternal blast wall, render around entranceFair, brickwork deterioratingSU/SIHG/CRS081
TQ293451PMSW 1st May 1994 29364512Brick shuttered concreteHexagonal2057, 2 covering doorInternal blast wallGoodSU/SIHG/CRS082
TQ294447PMSWAttempts at brickwork demolition1st May 1994 29424475Brick shuttered concretePolygonal2157Internal blast wallPoor, attempts at brickwork demolitionSU/SIHG/CRS083
TQ295446SMSWWide doorway, circular steel mount with bolts, covers railway1st May 1994 29534461Brick shuttered concreteSquare2353, 1 A/T opp. door with steel circular mounting plate & bolts, 2 smallWide doorwayFairSU/SIHG/CRS084
TQ295482PMSWNot closely examinedApr 1995 29584827Brick shuttered concretePolygonal2407 ?Internal blast wall ? SU/SIHG/CRS109
TQ296433A/TC x60Seen prior to May 1995 - no further details         SU/SIHG/CRS113
TQ296446PMSE 1st May 1994 29654461Brick shuttered concreteHexagonal2057, 2 covering doorInternal blast wallFairSU/SIHG/CRS085
TQ296486PMN Apr 1995 29634860Brick shuttered concretePolygonal0107 PoorSU/SIHG/CRS108
TQ297448PMSW 1st May 1994 29724489Brick shuttered concreteHexagonal2257, 2 covering doorInternal blast wallFair?/Poor, brickwork falling away & reinforcement exposed?SU/SIHG/CRS086
TQ298486PMSMarked on map, demolished prior to May 1995 *  PolygonalS  DemolishedSU/SIHG/CRS114
TQ299446PMSW 1st May 1994 29964467Brick shuttered concretePolygonal2257Internal blast wallPoorSU/SIHG/CRS087